Etsy Sales, Reviews and Admirers

This application allow us to track the number of sales, reviews and the number of users that had selected your store as theirs favorite.

Parameters Description
  1. Company ID
  2. To find a company id:
    1. Go to the Etsy web site
    2. The company id is the seller name.
  3. Company Name
  4. Name of the company you want to show in your LaMetric device.
  5. Goal
  6. You may select which parameter do you want to monitor as your main goal.
    1. None
    2. Sales
    3. Reviews
    4. Admirers
  7. Goal Value
  8. Define the goal value you want to reach.
  9. Show Goal
  10. Enable/Disable goal visualization.
  11. Show Full Value
  12. Enable/Disable full value for all parameters

  1. Free
    • Not available
  2. Basic
    • Not available
  3. Pro
    • All features available