About Us

We are small group interested in offering several solutions though different LaMetric applications.

We will keep improving our site and options in order to increase the performance and the functionalities of our apps.

Free account will have limit access.
Membership is the best option we have to offer a better service and keep the system running.

Registration Process

  1. Create an account from the Register menu option.
  2. Activate your account from the email you will receive from us.
  3. You will receive your license number by email as soon as you activate your account.
  4. In case you need a copy of the license, from your Profile, you can click the email button near the License to receive a copy of it.
  5. Check your email from for the license number.
  6. Open the LaMetric app from your phone, and select any of our applications.
  7. In the license field within our app, insert the license number.
  8. As soon as the license is detected, our app in the LaMetric Clock will start to work.

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