LinkedIn Followers

This application allow us to track the number of followers of a company.

Parameters Description
  1. Company ID
  2. To find a company id:
    1. Go to the LinkedIn web site
    2. Search for the company you want to track.
    3. Click the link to see company employees.
    4. Find the company id in the URL after the world: currentCompany=%5B. For the current example, the Company ID is: 1035.
  3. Company Name
  4. Name of the company you want to show in your LaMetric device.
  5. Company Icon ID
  6. This will define the icon you want to show with the company name. Click Here to see the list of all LaMetric icons you can use

    In the current example, the icon id is 675. If the icon is animation, we need to add the letter a as a prefix (a675); if not, we need to add the letter i before the id (i675).
  7. Followers Goal
  8. Allow us to define how much followers we expect to have.
  9. Show Goal
  10. Enable/Disable goals visualization.
  11. Show Full Value
  12. Enable/Disable full followers number