TV Shows

Here's the app that will help you keep in touch with your favorite tv shows.

Parameters Description
  1. TVS 1
    Name of the tv show you want to track.
  2. TVS 2
    For future use.
  3. TVS 3
    For future use.
  4. Show Status
    Shows the current status of the tv show.
    Some of the status you will find are:
    1. Running
      The tv show is active and running.
    2. In Development
      The tv show have not been released yet.
    3. Ended
      The tv show has ended.
    4. Canceled
      The tv show has canceled.
    5. Not yet date
      There is not a release date.
  5. Show Publisher
    Shows the tv show publisher.
  6. Show Episode Name
    When its enable, shows the name with the following format: [Season Number]ยท[Episode Number]:[Episode Name].
    When its disable, shows the name with the following format: [TV Show Name]([Season Number]X[Episode Number]).
  7. Show Week Only
    Shows the tv show information when have less than a week for its release.

Extra Information
  • Remaining Days
    Shows days before release.

  • Today Screen
    Show spetial message the day of its release.