Track your sign information and mood daily. Your lucky color, number and time of the day.

Parameters Description
  1. Sign

    The Default option will use your account information to find out your zodiac sign.

Display Information
  1. Zodiac Sign
    According to your birthday, the app will calculate which zodiac sign is assigned to you.

  2. Compatibility Sign
    Shows the love and life compatibility zodiac sign.

  3. Mood
    Your mood tendency for today.

  4. Color
    Your lucky color for today.

  5. Number
    Your lucky number for today.

  6. Time
    Your lucky time for today.

  1. Free
    • Zodiac Sign
    • Living Days
  2. Basic
    • Zodiac Sign
    • Living Days
  3. Pro
    • Zodiac Sign
    • Living Days
    • Compatibility
    • Mood
    • Color